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Two Monkeys making Art and saving the Planet.


We are Pascal, 7 and Dominique, 4 and we live in Mondsee, Austria. 

We care about the monkeys and all other animals that live in the rainforest. That's why we have stopped eating palm oil products such as our favourite Nutella (now No-Tella). Luckily we have found a palm oil free alternative that tastes even better! You should try it!


We have adopted an Orangutan called Happi from the money we collected from friends handing out New Years snacks. Below you can find pictures of our project Orangutan.


We also love to paint and offer all our paintings for sale, everything we make we invest in more monkeys! Below you can find our paintings, feel free to tell us if you want to help us!


project Orangutan.

Dominique art.





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